• Viviana Guzman

  • Monica Finco "Equilibratissimo,
    suono corposo ed interessante
    in tutte le tessiture.
    Intonato, stabile.
    Maneggevole, straordinario,
    meccanica molto silenziosa"


  • Massimiliano

  • Monica Williams

  • Marco Felicioni "outstanding and innovative flute
    with warm and powerful sound
    amazing dynamics
    and superb intonation"

  • Luca Bellini “Thanks to the warmth of its sound
    and to the excellence of the mechanism,
    Briccialdi is definitely going to become
    the rising star of the international Flute Industry.”

  • Rob Christian Jazz "I am loving my Briccialdi flute.
    Recording with it has shown me
    the beautiful sound it produces"